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10Jul 2013
Jul 10, 2013

How maxcdn keeps our customers sites running

In 2012 our site started to get busier thus we had to look for a solution before our users were turned off by extreme load times. Our site was previously powered by a private server & a specialised web server, but even that wasn’t enough to meet visitor demand.

We set off to integrate a CDN to handle the heavy lifting of images & website files. After trying a few providers we found maxcdn. It was dead easy to setup and the pricing was very effective. Best of all the amount of files maxcdn caches & serves to our users outperforms other content delivery networks that we have tested.
Since integrating maxcdn over 90% of server load strain has been reduced. Our private server is now free to focus on serving database requests to our users.

If you are looking for a CDN we would definitely recommend you give them a try.

They are currently have a 25% off discount code.

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