Due to high schedule demand we are currently only offering drop-in services for new customers

By undertaking work with PC Connect it is considered agreement to the terms bellow, these may change without notification.

No Fix – No Fee

PC Connect operates a No Fix – No Fee policy. This works very simply, our technician will fix or diagnose the fault on your computer or you pay nothing for our time (labour).
No fix – no fee service is applied to every job paid at our full hourly price that requires a fix e.g. PC will not turn on.
On rare occasions we can only offer a diagnosis for the fault as the fix is just not economically viable for the PC. If we can establish what the problem is but you decide not to go ahead with the repair/fix you will still be charged. Some problems like virus removal can be very lengthy and can be cheaper for you if the PC is repaired at our our workshop, this will only be done with your approval.
There are times when you cannot benefit from this service; primarily we don’t offer this service on jobs that are not resolved due to other peoples faults, e.g. emails/broadband is down due to your ISP. General rule is that if the problem isn’t fixable due to other third party causes, then this is not our fault and we charge.
*This policy does not include basic callout charge which covers travel costs, also any additional hardware or software cost associated with the job will be charged.

Lowest Hourly Rate Guarantee

Show us an up to date competitors advertisement that has an hourly service rate that is lower then ours and we’ll beat it!
You will need to know the company name and website if possible, prices and brief information about the service you are looking for, so that we can confirm the information you have provided us with.


All services, unless otherwise stated/ advertised is charged at a standard rate of $60 per hour. The minimum charge is one hour, after which work will be charged in half hour sections. A callout charge may also apply to some areas.
Any parts/ hardware can be ordered additionally at your cost, you may supply your own parts if desired. Parts required will not be ordered without approval unless you advise otherwise.


Service Payment is required upon completion of the consultation. Full payment is required prior to order of custom built/ secondhand pcs and parts. Standard Service Prices- $60/hr Initial Minimum charge (up to 1 hour)

Additional callout charge may apply to some areas. An administration fee of $15 also 10% interest rate applies for payments that are not settled within 7 days. You may also be held liable for all costs involved in collection if payment is not settled within 7days.

Payment options

Cash, Cheque, Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, American Express
Credit Card options use our Mobile Paypal Portal Cart System
(Cheque and Credit Card payments require photo ID)
Credit Card payments will incur a $2.00 fee

Booking Cancellations

At least 12 hours notice must be given if you need to cancel or re-schedule a booking.
If you would like to cancel after this time a late cancellation fee of $20.00 will apply

Work Acceptance

PC Connect reserves the right to decline any requested job on any grounds.


New goods sold are usually warranted for one year, you must retain the tax invoice provided to be able to make any warranty claim, so please keep it in a safe place. Second-hand /refurbished items are sold as is.

If you have any queries, please Contact Us