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File Recovery

File Recovery

Your hard disk is making strange noises. Or possibly it’s simply not going. Your personal camera or usb drive is corrupt. Do you require some documents or several photos retrieved?
The thing you need is somebody that can recover your precious data and memorys. We specialize in retrieving information, lost files from hard drives and digital media. PC Connect aim to maintain an affordable solution for small business and home users that require a file recovery solution. At PC Connect we use software recovery methods to retrieve your lost data. If loss of data appears extensive are able to send your hard drive away to our NZ hardware data reconstruction provider for additional options when recovering damaged files.
Common Recovery Services
Accidental file deletion Formatting of the disk or card Infections causing havoc on your important files Full-scale file-system corruption If data cannot be recovered by standard software tools then we can send the drive for specialized data-recovery programs with or data recovery provider, who are able to swap-in circuit-boards for nearly any hard disk who also have a clean-room where they are able to open disks and fix proper physical problems.
Standard Problems

Got loss of data?

Talk to us about the problem you are having so we can advise you of an estimate. Common problems Your hard drive won’t turn on, or perhaps is quiet It makes noises when you are confident it shouldn’t The unit appears okay, but isn’t detected when installed Files onto it have strange symbols, or simply appear to become garbage whenever you open them.

Just how much does it cost?

Drop-in your pc for a basic file recovery. If we take a look and aren’t in a position to recover your computer data, there’s only a $30 inspection fee. If we cannot recover the data and you need an advanced recovery we can arrange a courier to our external providers facility. Every recovery differs, so we recommend contact us for a personalized quote. To enquire please call us