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Computer repairs are best handled by professionals with years of training and experience. A good computer service gives warranty for their services and never leaves until you are fully satisfied. You could also contact them for other PC related services like network solutions, data transfer and computer setup. So before things get worst, it would be wise to keep a list of computer problems so that a computer repair professional can quickly diagnose and fix your problem.

Virus Removal

If you use your PC for downloading from untrusted sites, your computer may have been infected. The technician could install a new antivirus to prevent data losses.

PC does not turn on

In cases where in the PC would not turn on or would turn on but would eventually shut off could be caused by a “bad sector” in the hard drive of your Central Processing Unit (CPU). The technician could run tests whether the hardware is repairable or needs replacement.

Slow internet speed

Assuming that you are connected to a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), slow internet speed may mean that your PC has a slow Random Access Memory or your %temp% folder is filled with cookies. Computer repairs service could clean up your disks or inspect if your RAM is properly working.

No internet access

You may be having issues with your Local Area Network (LAN). The PC repair or computer technician could rid you of the problem by configuring your settings.

Data recovery

When your hard drive has a “bad sector” or damaged disk, you may no longer access the stored data normally. The technician could help you by “slaving” it to another CPU permitting it to be access through the “master” drive.

Hardware inspection

When unusual noise is coming from your computer, you may want to have it checked by a PC technician. The noise could mean a faulty hardware installation or physically damaged mechanical parts which require computer repairs.

Freezing/ Hanging Interface

This may either be a result of low RAM or full memory disks. Deleting unnecessary files as well as checking for viruses and spywares would be necessary to rid off this problem.

Printing issues

Printing problems may be a result of faulty mechanical or electronic parts or even both. These are best handled by computer repair professionals by reinstalling the software and drivers as well as configuring the settings.

Software Installations

Although this is not a computer problem, computer repairs service could install the software for you.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were writing the last pages of your office report when your computer shuts down for no reason? You could only imagine the frustration and stress adding up and not to mention the demerits you get for late submission. Although a lot of computer problems can be attended by the users like checking for the connecting cables and powers supply, there are also great deals of these problems that need computer repairs from a professional.
Here are computer repairs that need professional expertise. Assume that you did all the troubleshooting methods present in the computer.