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Aug 1, 2011

What to look for when choosing a computer repair company – part one

Ensure you choose the right service

1) Computer shop repair
Choosing to visit a computer repair store can save you money with cheaper repair options available. This is a great option for people that are able to wait for repairs to be completed; repair shops technicians are often working on multiple PCs at a time which can help ensure your service rate is lower than a mobile service.

2) Mobile computer repair
A great option for people that have a busy schedule or need their computer setup in the house and may not be able to bring it into a shop. After hours and weekend repairs may be available depending on the company you decide to go with. Software problems are generally performed onsite however for a minority some PCs may have to be taken to a workshop to be repair. Parts also may be required to be ordered. Mobile service is usually a priority service over a repair shop as problems are usually fixed when your appointment has been made. Be prepared to pay for a quick turn around and travel costs included in the pricing.

3) Remote computer repairs
This is an online computer repair service. A technician will remotely connect to your computer over the internet and attempt to fix software problems on your pc. Remote sessions can be used to perform system cleanups on your pc as well as do checkups and monitor the systems performance. This option is usually available on a contract term. Usually you pay a monthly support agreement which entitles you to package with a certain amount of remote service time and also cheaper mobile support rates in case of a hardware failure with your system. This option is favoured by businesses who need to ensure their computers are reliable and ensure little downtime as possible. Pay per hour without a contract may also be available – dependent on the company’s options.

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