Due to high schedule demand we are currently only offering drop-in services for new customers

What services do you offer?
PC Connect can sort your computer problems and help setup your devices. From pc that won't start to health checks, email & application setups.
What qualifications do you have?
All our IT service team have qualifications in computer servicing and networking.
I have a home business, can you help?
PC Connect can come to you. We offer a range of services and can ensure regular backups are running to ensure you don't loose precious business files.
Whats the standard wait to be seen?
PC Connect can usually see you within the same or next working day. Call us for more info and availability.
Where do you service?
We offer our services Wellington wide from Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Wellington City to Kapiti Coast.
Is it easy to understand your solutions?
We put you at the heart of our business. We want you to know what is wrong and exactly how we can fix your problem. Our goal is to train you and help you use you PC to it's full potential ensuring your pc is running fast and secure.
How do I book?
Simply send us a message or call our toll free number. We are here to help. Give us a call to discuss your issue and we'll advise you of the possible solutions.
What hours do you operate?
We offer a convenient service and are available for evening or early morning bookings as well as various weekend hours. Simply give us a call and we can fit your schedule.
How much does your service cost?
We offer simple and very affordable pricing plans for drop-in or mobile services. Please see our pricing or call for more details.
Can you give me an exact quote?
We do our best to advise you of an approximate time for repairs and setups based on an average as systems and software vary. We will always ask you first if you wish to proceed.
Where can I buy software or hardware?
Various local stockists are available within the wellington region. We can pick parts up and install them if in they are needed.
How long do repairs or setups take?
Please see our pricing page for updated averages of common setups and support.
Should I backup my pc before the consultation?
Data loss is always a possibility as programs and settings can be tied to files. We always recommend a full backup beforehand to be safe.
How / When can I pay?
Payment can be made via cash, cheque, visa, mastercard or paypal. Payments are upon completion of the consultation.
Can I pay later?
To keep our prices low we operate on a pay and go basis. We have a variety of payment methods including cash, cheque, visa, mastercard and paypal.
What if I am dissatisfied?
Let us know immediately. If the result is dissatisfactory we can arrange to come to you again. If the problem has already been diagnosed or you have chosen to outsource a faulty part we can arrange another callout at our normal rate.
Can I cancel the appointment while the technician is there?
You can as long as payment is settled and minimum charge is paid.
What if I need to cancel within 24hours?
We operate on a tight schedule and book resources which are around similar destinations. Like any other service business we have a policy which means If you need to cancel within 24hours a $40 fee will be invoiced and sent to your address.
What is the minimum charge?
Our minimum charges are available on our pricing page. If we finish within the time the minimum charge applies. We can help with additional questions or clean-ups to fill in the time.
Can I leave the technician on his own?
For your and our security we recommend you work with the technician to resolve the issue.
Can I get the same discount or promotion?
Introduction promotions are usable once only unless stated. We offer these as an incentive for customers to experience our excellent service for themselves.